Level Designer, Game Designer, Writer

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Who am I?

My name is either Léo or Leia, depending on which part of the Internet you're looking at.
I'm 22 years old and currently unemployed. I have a bachelor's degree in Sociology, and a high school degree in IT, Industry and Sustainable Development.

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My main areas of work

Level Design

Hammer (Source) is my main tool to create levels, though I'm currently transitioning over Unity, Unreal Engine and Source 2. I plan on enrolling in a Game Design master degree in 2022.


I regularly daydream, and it leads to a gigantic universe expanding in my brain everyday. I wrote hundreds of pages during my sociology classes. I write in French and in English, at a rather good level. Some glimpses at what's happening in my mind are available down below.


I make static or lightweight JS websites since 2014. Currently slowly learning C#.


Recent projects

And it's just the beginning.